Rick Staples is a long time Knoxville native and community organizer who has been an advocate for our community for many years.

As the Vice President of 100 Black Men of Knoxville and as a Youth Council Member with the Knoxville District Baptist Association, he has focused on outreach to disadvantaged youth and giving our children positive options that lead to success in life

Rick is a champion for a strong public education system, as he feels it is the bedrock of ensuring our children have the tools they need to succeed in today’s economy.

As a small businessman in East Knoxville, Rick is aware of the challenges facing small business owners and workers face within the district, and he will actively promote programs and reinvestment that benefits workers and business owners alike.

Rick is also a champion of quality, affordable healthcare and will work to support passage of Insure TN.

Rick Staples will be a champion for House District 15 in Nashville, and that’s why we need to elect him on November 8th.